Friday, February 24, 2012

Follow-up to shores of Horten

Inspired by mondays field trip to shores of Horten, I gave it another shot. Morning light this time.
Some gulls and swans became todays motive. The heads of flying swans did unfortunately not become quite crispy, but they were so close that I´ll just have to show them.

Mute Swan, juv. - Cyngus Olor - Knoppsvane
Mute Swan, juv. - Cyngus Olor - Knoppsvane

Mute Swan, ad. - Cyngus Olor - Knoppsvane

Mute Swan, ad. take off- Cyngus Olor - Knoppsvane
Black Headed Gull. winter searching for food - Larus Ridibundus - Hettemåke i vinterdrakt

Monday, February 20, 2012

Fieldtrip to shores of Horten

Went to Horten today. Linden park. 0 degrees light touch of snow. Sevral Mallards and a Coot caught my interest.
Coot - Fulica Atra - Sothøne
Mallard cupple  - Anas Platyhynchos - Stokkand hunn og hann

Mallard male in flight  - Anas Platyhynchos - Stokkand i flukt

Goosander male in flight - Mergus Castor - Laksand hann i flukt

Mallard male with water drops  - Anas Platyhynchos - Stokkand

Common Goldeneye male - Buceohala Clangula - Kvinand hann
Goshawk, appolgize for the picture quality- Accipiter Gentilis - Hønsehauk

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Can´t let this opportunity pass

Gooing to sleep after graveyard-shift at "dayjob", but first...... Perfect light, and hungry birds in 14 degrees below zero. 4 Jays showed up.
Garrulus Glandarius - "Nøtteskrike"

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pictures from yesterdays shoot

I´ve been working briefly with the pictures from yesterdays shoot in Lightroom. Here are the results:
Larus Argentatus - Norwegian name: Gråmåke

Larus ridibundus - winter - Norwegian name: Hettemåke vinterdrakt

Mergus Serrator - female - Norwegian name. Siland hun

Larus ridibundus - winter - Norwegian name: Hettemåke vinterdrakt

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A quick shoot in morning lights

Bucephala Clangula  - Norwegian name: Kvinand

I´ll try to do this in English. New on Twitter with foreign followers.
Been out on a small photoshoot this morning. At least 5 degrees below zero. Several seagulls and some ducks. The light was perfect.  But as a "noob" I´ve been working at least an our in Lightroom ;)  Now i´ll have to catch my ordinary "day job" so i´ll try to publish some more pictures later.

Larus Argentatus - Norwegian name: Gråmåke

Friday, February 3, 2012

Kaldvær gir flere arter

I dag dukket det opp flere arter på fuglebrettet. Kombinert med kulde under -10, gir en ukes iherdig og variert foring resultat. Flere nøtteskriker, gulspurv, og grønnfinker dukket opp. I tillegg til kjøttmeis, blåmeis, og svarttrost tok også svartmeisen seg en tur i dag.