Monday, February 20, 2012

Fieldtrip to shores of Horten

Went to Horten today. Linden park. 0 degrees light touch of snow. Sevral Mallards and a Coot caught my interest.
Coot - Fulica Atra - Sothøne
Mallard cupple  - Anas Platyhynchos - Stokkand hunn og hann

Mallard male in flight  - Anas Platyhynchos - Stokkand i flukt

Goosander male in flight - Mergus Castor - Laksand hann i flukt

Mallard male with water drops  - Anas Platyhynchos - Stokkand

Common Goldeneye male - Buceohala Clangula - Kvinand hann
Goshawk, appolgize for the picture quality- Accipiter Gentilis - Hønsehauk

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